Kiteboard Aitutaki

Kiteboard Tropical Aitutaki Lagoon


Frequently asked questions

I’m a learner, is it a good place for me?

Yes, all levels of kiter are catered for…. it’s shallow, clean, warm and lessons are available from the Aitutaki Kite Centre (for additional cost). Absolute beginners to unhooked hotshots will all be happy with the conditions

Are lessons available?

Yes, from the Aitutaki Kite Centre. You can book before you go. Costs vary, use your gear or theirs. Details at IKO Instructions

Can I rent equipment?

Yes, Aitutaki Kite centre has some rental gear….but you are advised to take your own equipment.

What gear do I need?

Take your normal gear: at least 2 kites, board, harness, bar(s), helmet, sunglasses (essential), rashie or thin wetsuit top or spring suit, booties if you have soft feet, any other stuff you normally use.

Do I need booties?

There is mostly a clean coarse coral sand bottom…but it does have bits of rubble/coral chunks on it here and there…so it’s up to you …if you have soft feet or are worried, take and use them.

Do I have to take gear out and back every day?

No. You can take it on Day 1 and leave it at the kitecentre on-island for the duration. It’s secure. Just bring it back on the last day, pack and fly! We take the gear to and from the wharf by truck from Rino’s.

How do I get from Rino’s to the boat each day?

It’s a short 10 minute flat walk, you can rent a scooter or bicycle if you want, or thumb a lift.

Can I hire a scooter or pushbike?

Yes, Rino’s offer all. Cars too…… just pay on leaving.

Is WIFI/internet access available?

Yes, BlueSky wifi is available through two hotspots on site; it’s pay as you go and somewhat slow speeds…but it does work! Buy WIFI vouchers on arrival at Rarotonga airport, it’s cheaper!

Will my mobile phone work?

Yes. They all roam, apparently….Spark (and perhaps the others) will cost you a packet as (as of now) they don’t have roaming packages…check with your provider.

What shops are there?

Basic supplies are available….it’s the middle of the Pacific, everything is shipped in so it’s a somewhat narrow range of product, not always available. You can get most stuff…at a price!
If you have specific dietary requirements, it may be hard to meet them. You can take pre-packaged, sealed, commercially produced foodstuffs with you through Customs.
Note: most shops are closed on Sundays.
Ice cream and beer are available!

Can I use EFTPOS or credit cards?

Some places (Rino’s and most ‘resorts’) take credit cards….some may charge a fee.

So how do I pay for stuff?

Cash…mostly…there are ATM’s (ANZ and Bank of the South Pacific). Most bank cards will work. ATM withdrawal fees apply.

What meal options are there?

Breakfast is included every day at Rino’s
Lunch on Maina or on Aitutaki every day is included (up to $15…u want more, you pay the balance)
If we don’t go out to the island on any day we give you a voucher for the lunch value ($15) to use at the Koru Café…best coffee on the island.
Dinner: We can arrange simple, wholesome dinners at Rino’s….salad, protein, fresh as it can be, $20/head…we usually have a trial dinner after arriving and take it from there.
It’s not mandatory but usually we do it every alternate night and go out to local eateries other nights. It’s just super easy after a day’s kiting!
Sunday night we arrange a caterer to bring a meal in for us, $15/head, fish, salad, fries, cake.
You can self-cater if you wish; rooms have basic kitchens and all utensils, plates etc.

Is the tapwater safe to drink?

Yes….but you may not like the taste…it can get a bit brackish in winter (the dry season) as the aquifer under the island dwindles.
Rino’s have rainwater tanks to fill your water bottles…
PLEASE DONT buy bottled water….every container goes to landfill on the island…they don’t need more junk! Just use a bottle from the recycle bin or take your own up there and bring it back. Waste is a real issue.

Are there medical worries?

Chikingunga, Dengue Fever and Zika (all mosquito borne) are all present in the Pacific Islands.
Take precautions if you have concerns. It’s winter, the dry season, so not so many mossies and rooms have screens.
There are no poisonous animals or plants on the island.
The main visitor injury is motorcycle accident!