Kiteboard Aitutaki

Kiteboard Tropical Aitutaki Lagoon


What you need to know

Required travel documents

  • A valid New Zealand, or other nationality, passport, valid for trip duration. 
  • You'll have to send us a scan of your passport data and picture page when you confirm.... Yeah, new rules!
  • According to the Cook Islands Government website, 'a bona fide visitor (any person who enters the Cook Islands solely for recreation/holiday) does not require an entry permit provided he/she possesses proof of onward passage (booked and paid) for stays of not more than 90 days'. They may ask to see your return flight ticket if you travel on other than a New Zealand or Australian passport.

Baggage Allowance

Air New Zealand: Auckland - Rarotonga - Auckland

  • Checked baggage 1 x 23kg, carry on 1 x 7kg
  • Oversize kite bags qualify as your first checked long as they're 23kg or less!
  • You can pre-purchase another 23kg bag allowance with Air New Zealand for $60 per piece on wide body aircraft (777, 787-9) serviced sectors,(so $120 Auckland- Rarotonga and return) but you must book it at the time of payment.

Air Rarotonga: Rarotonga-Aitutaki-Rarotonga

  • Checked baggage 1 x 23kg, carry on 1 x 7kg. 
  • Excess baggage is $3 per kg, no exceptions! Be warned! You might get lucky but be prepared!
  • Air Rarotonga has strict weight limits and they often enforce them. Its a small plane!
  • If you try to sneak heavy or bulky hand luggage on be prepared to have it put in the cargo hold......and maybe pay for it!

Baggage storage in Rarotonga on return flight

  • It's available from Air Raro at $5 per piece so you can go explore Raro for a couple of hours before the flight home without worrying about your luggage.

Other stuff

  • All airlines are now pretty tough on excess baggage. You should be prepared to pay excess charges on any sector if you are over the limits above.
  • Airlines can change contitions and prices without notice.....above info is accurate at publishing....but ask us if you need clarification and we'll check at that time.

Health information

  • The New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation government scheme does not apply in Rarotonga.
  • You are solely responsible for medical/accident/holiday insurance and costs.
  • There is a hospital on Aitutaki ...they have the basics........ major stuff gets airlifted to Raro or Auckland.
  • There are mosquito-borne viruses throughout the Pacific; Chikungunya, Dengue Fever and Zika...rooms are screened and there are less mossies in the dry/winter season...but be aware and take precautions if you are at risk.
  • Local treated water and rain water is available on the island; the local town supply may not taste the same as what you're used to but its can boil it if you want to be sure.
  • Rino's has a rainwater supply and filtered water is available in many places FREE!
  • Take an empty water bottle with you and refill it to save cluttering Aitutaki with more plastic junk! There is no need to buy imported bottled water!
health sunscreen

Waiver and conditions


  • You need to read our pricing and conditions
  • Kiteboarding is a great sport ... and it has hazards.
  • You need to be self reliant, understand the risks, and be responsible for your own safety as far as possible.
  • We provide access to a great spot and rely on you to sail intelligently, respect safety and give way rules and exercise good judgment when sailing. As usual!
  • There is no ACC scheme in force in the Cook Islands and medical attention is a considerable distance from the sailing site.

Skill level..... suitable for all levels....

  • If you're a new kiter, there's nowhere better to learn! Warm, shallow, no nasties!
  • If you're already able to sail upwind in both directions; you can choose whether you sail on the up or downwind side of the sandbar.
  • If you're not quite sure of your upwind capability you can stay on the upwind side and, should you need to, just drift in to the sandbar in case of any problem.
  • Where we sail, you can mostly stand up. It's not deep!
  • There is no surf....its flat or chop...
girl sailing at Aitutaki