Kiteboard Aitutaki

Kiteboard Tropical Aitutaki Lagoon


Pricing and Conditions

Tour # Date Price Deposit Payment Deadline
1 June 17 2018 NZ$2869.00 per person, share twin basis 11 January 2018
2 July 09 2018 NZ$3188.00 per person, share twin basis 02 February 2018
3 July 29 2018 NZ$2869.00 per person, share twin basis 22 February 2018
4 August 12 2018 NZ$2573.74 per person, share twin basis March 08 2018 SPECIAL DEAL, LIMITED SPACE, GET IN QUICK

Tour price (per adult) payable by BANK TRANSFER, CASH, CLEARED CHEQUE

Tour price (per adult, share twin or double basis)

Single rates on application. Full payment is required to confirm your place.


There's nothing extra to pay on island apart from your daily dinner/drink/personal stuff.

If, on any day, boat to Maina does not operate for any reason we'll refund you $30.00 for that day.

We have included all other daily kiting related costs Read more..

launching kite Aitutaki

Critical dates, no fooling!

Tour # Tour Date Deposit/booking deadline* FULL Payment deadline (receipt by us)
1 June 17 2018 Thursday 11 January 2018 Wednesday 25 April 2018
2 July 09 2018 Friday 02 February 2018 Friday 18 May 2018
3 July 29 2018 Thursday 22 February 2018 Wednesday 06 June 2018
4 August 12 2018 Thursday 08 March 2018 Wednesday 20 June 2018

* After this date, bookings are possible but subject to space, airline seating and price as we may not be able to secure the same group rate, price.

Terms and Conditions


  • We have packaged product from other suppliers; we have to comply with their conditions and deadlines for bookings.
  • Tours are based on a minimum of 10 (ten) confirmed bookings by the advertised tour booking and deposit payment deadline date (see above).
  • 'Confirmed' means full deposit payment received by on or prior to that deadline date. 
  • No booking is confirmed until full payment received; places on the tour are sold on a 'first paid, first confirmed' basis. 
  • We recommend you book and pay at the same time to secure your space.
  • Airline carriers reserve the right to alter/amend or delete flights and to amend fuel and other surcharges prior to published departure time; any changes will be advised as soon as possible. 
  • All fare payments are held in a certified trust account.
  • If insufficient bookings are received and the tour is cancelled on or before the advertised tour booking/deposit payment deadline date, any tour payments you have made to us will be refunded 100% within 3 working days of cancellation or the tour booking/deposit deadline date. Guaranteed!
  • makes every effort to provide services as booked... we've been at this for ten years now.....there may be occasions beyond our control where alternatives have to be arranged owing to unforeseen circumstances (boats break down!). We will make every effort to provide equivalent or superior service but can make no guarantee of this.


  • Kiteboarding involves certain inherent risks, dangers and hazards that can result in serious personal injury or death to both the user of kiteboarding equipment and to non user third parties.
  • You freely agree to assume and accept any and all known and unknown risks of injury to you and to third parties while using kiteboarding equipment.
  • You agree to waive any and all claims you or any person representing you have or may have in the future against and all related parties including all subcontractors, tour operators, employees and principals.
  • You agree that you are solely responsible for your decision to use kiteboarding equipment at any time whatsoever and you release from all liability for any loss, damage or personal injury or expense that you or any users of your equipment may suffer, or that your next of kin may suffer due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence on the part of
  • In the event of your incapacity, injury or death, all provisions herein shall be binding upon your heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assigns and representatives.
  • You agree that has packaged certain travel product and subcontractor supplies together to facilitate your personal choice to kiteboard; you agree that you kiteboard at your sole discretion and that you take full personal responsibility for all outcomes.

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel on or before the advertised tour booking/deposit payment deadline date: 100% refund of any payment you have made to us.
  • If you cancel after tour booking/deposit payment deadline date there is NO REFUND of any payment you've made unless we can transfer your booking to a waitlisted passenger.
  • We must make the transfer of your booking no later than 72 hours prior to travel....if it's after that we're toast....its a total loss! Sorry but things have got tough with the airlines.
  • If we can effect such a transfer of your cancelled booking before airline name change deadline date (72 hours prior to travel), we will do so and refund your payment less the airline name change fee of $175.00 per change. (Ouch!....both airlines charge for this)