Kiteboard Aitutaki

Kiteboard Tropical Aitutaki Lagoon


Recommended Gear

  • At least two kites to cover your wind range requirements.... 11m and 9m North EVOs cover me on my 136 x 40 Jaime (I'm 72kg if you really want to know!).
  • Lots of folks, me included, take 15 - 17m to cover the lighter days.....and 7m for the screamers!
  • You can foil..large parts of the lagoon are deep enough even at low tide...great fun on light days....
  • All round board.... I really recommend 133-136cm length in case you get a light-ish day....don't go too short!
  • Your helmet...the water is just as hard in Aitutaki as anywhere else!
  • Sunglasses, good ones with a leash!!
  • Waterproof sunblock.
  • Rashies for sun protection while kiting and snorkelling.
  • A good hat!
  • Maybe a bladder patch/repair kit! There are no spares or repairs you can rely on up there!
  • Booties for coral protection and reef walking.
  • Snorkelling gear (can also be hired).
  • Insect repellant if you are particularly susceptible to mozzies!!
  • Light summer clothing...if you want to go to church to hear the fabulous singing on saturday or sunday, you might need something a bit more than shorts and t-shirt to ensure you respect the occasion.
  • A waterproof rain jacket; it does rain and you can get wet on the boat....
  • Don't forget there are airline weight restrictions that incur excess baggage charges.
kites on the beach at Aitutaki