Kiteboard Aitutaki

Kiteboard Tropical Aitutaki Lagoon


Sailing Locations

Our prime sailing location is Maina Iti (Honeymoon Island)......sandbar and lagoon

  • Tropical lagoon riding!
  • Sandy, waist deep for the most part....walk home!
  • All tides.
  • Two sides of the sandbar work(flat and chop). 
  • You may want booties if you have soft feet to protect against small coral bits and pieces that are lying around on the bottom!
  • Prevailing wind SE, but works in most directions. 
  • Suitable for all skill levels.

Sailing area on Maina

Based on 2017 experience the sailing area at Maina looks like this........

maina aerial in colour

General wind direction is SE or ESE…so from right to left across this image, roughly.


Aitutaki kite centre shelter, toilet. Usual launch spot is to the west of this at the lower end of the green area.


Upwind, generally, of the sandbar; if you have any difficulty, you can drift back on to the sandbar. Waist deep for almost all of it, some chop at high, almost flat at low.

Top, northern portion shallow all tides, nice sand, lovely for learners/progression and generally is uncrowded.


Show off zone, flat water. A bit tide dependent…..too shallow in parts at low. Often mirror flat! Zoom zoom zoom......


Really nice zone, white sand, waist deep at most, good at low tide.


Deeper water that is MOSTLY all tide....some care needed when tide is low.


Butter flat shallow water at high tide…….flat water, lots of fun.


Pretty much the boundary of the flat, sandy bottom

Note: this was 2017....LAST year...

if there have been storms and sand movement things may have changed a bit...


In general from bottom right to top left....general water flow through lagoon, accentuated in big southerly will drift with this current if you can't relaunch!

Outside of these areas you get deeper water, coral bommies and at the extreme west (left) of the image (by the North symbol) you’re getting pretty close to the reef edge…next stop is Samoa!


a bit behind the island; in prevailing wind pretty much in between the green and blue areas; you can sail through it but it will be unstable close to the island. Simple physics!


At the north tip where the purple, orange and red areas almost come together is a marine reserve with some of the nicest, safe snorkelling inside the lagoon……just walk down the sandbar and flop in.

Other sailing locations....

Tapuaeti (One Foot) Island and sandbar

At the south east corner of the lagoon

Massive, shallow sandy area...... the Heaven sandbar... its perfectly named if conditions are right .
Suitable for all skill levels.
Optional day trips can be arranged (extra cost) subject to weather and space.

Needs quite specific wind direction (southerly) to get the best out of it.

Downwinders possible from One Foot to Maina.....

onefoot Aitutaki

Tapuaeti (One Foot) Island and sandbar

Downwinders possible from One Foot to Maina.....
downwinder from maina

Akitua Island Sandbar and Lagoon

Beach access, beautiful location. Only real kiteboarding option on the 'mainland'

Certainly kitable, but a relatively poor option when compared to the Maina sandbar!

pics courtesy Aitutaki Conservation Trust